The Benchmark Test of English Language Skills

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 ► A uniform assessment tool for the whole organization

These flexible modules are a perfect fit for your organization!


Let the computer take the sweat out of measuring students' progress

EPI can mirror your organization's group structure, and allows you to control test taking frequency at group or individual level.
The academic coordinator can optionally specify how many times each student or group may take a test in a given period.
EPI's benchmark reporting options allow coordinators to compare students' progress over time with that of their peers, both within the organization and outside.


Ensure a consistent level of English among teaching staff

An accurate assessment of English language skills is one more measure to help you find the right addition to your teaching staff, allowing you to compare candidates' results with your organizational benchmark standard.
And a periodic assessment of existing staff will help ensure that standard is maintained. EPI provides a challenging test for even the most proficient non-native English speakers.