The Benchmark Test of English Language Skills

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Key support for your English language training program

EPI allows you to organize employees into groups, and set parameters so that they may take the test periodically.
Tests can be taken without HR intervention if desired: employees can simply sign in from wherever they are and take the tests in their own time.
The HR manager can optionally specify how many times each employee or group may take a test in a given period.
EPI's benchmark reporting options allow managers to compare employees' progress over time with that of their peers, both within the organization and outside.


Broaden your battery of assessment tests for selection and recruitment

An accurate assessment of a candidate's English language skills is one more measure to help you match the right people to the right jobs.
EPI provides this quickly and without fuss, allowing you to set up a control group for each vacancy or requirement and compare candidates' results at a glance. EPI provides a challenging test for even the most proficient non-native English speakers.