The Benchmark Test of English Language Skills

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 ► What does EPI consist of?
English Performance Indicator is a complete system for managing English skills assessments. It consists of four adaptive tests of different skills, as well as a set of tools to control the application of tests. It is especially useful for organizations, as it offers

Immediate application
The tests can be taken at any time and produce a result in minutes.
Tests can be applied frequently thanks to the vast database of questions. Each test is different each time it is taken.
Effective support
in personnel Selection and Recruitment, as well as in your Continuous Training programs
Flexible configuration
that adapts to the organization's department and group structure
Key indicators
to measure progress over time and compare performance with that of others, both inside and outside the organization
Tests knowledge of the basic building-blocks of the language. Test takers answer each question with a couple of clicks.
Tests how well test takers understand other people talking in English. Each question is answered with a couple of clicks.
Each question challenges test takers to type a few words to complete a sentence. There may be several possible answers: the system will compare what is written with the options on file.
The Speaking test involves a remote personal interview with one of our team who is a native speaker of English. The interview lasts around 20 minutes. Test takers ask and answer questions, discuss different topics, describe images displayed on the screen, and assume a part in a role play.
EPI is a test that adjusts the level of difficulty of the questions while in progress. During the test, as the test taker answers a number of questions correctly, the system generates more difficult questions. Likewise, if the test taker begins to make mistakes, the system asks simpler questions. During a typical test, several such adjustments are made. This smart feature provides several important advantages over traditional tests, which are described below . . .
  • EPI needs a much smaller number of questions to produce an accurate result, making the test very short
  • The test can produce a reliable result for any individual, from beginner to advanced, using approximately the same number of questions. Many well-known traditional tests can only produce an accurate result for those at an advanced level.
  • Test takers are not placed under stress with questions outside their ability range. They therefore feel more comfortable, and are less likely to answer questions at random.
  • The test content cannot be copied and learnt: EPI draws on a secure database of thousands of carefully designed and classified questions, so no two tests are ever the same.
  • The tests are therefore ideal for those undergoing language training, as they can take the tests periodically to measure their progress, and each time the tests will be different.